The Client

Accession3 is a Toowoomba based business accounting and financial firm that are experts in accounting and taxation advice, financial services and strategic planning.

The Problem

When Accession 3 came to us, they were struggling to know what information to communicate to ensure higher engagement, and what forms of marketing they should be prioritising.

They wanted to increase the value of their current clients, plus attract and convert more of the right kind of new clients.

The Solution

  • Marketing Strategy in a Day

The Results

“Our Marketing Strategy in a Day made us think outside the box and really focus on the areas that are important to people looking at our business. The whole process really exceeded our expectations, from working with Nicci for the day, to the scope of the report that came back to us. We’ve now got this amazing plan and these great ideas for us to start actioning.”
Myfanwy Rigby