Start Here for the New Year 2022 | Marketing Podcast Ep 30-35 

Episode 30-35

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Our most loved advice from season one of the podcast to help you get prepared and improve your small business marketing for 2022.

Episodes 30-35 of the Simply Standout Marketing Podcast are past podcasts episodes that our listeners loved the most and that we believe are essential listening to give your a great start to the new year.

Marketing Podcast Episodes

Episode 30: Stop Marketing to Everyone if you Want More Customers

Episode 31: The Only Way to Really Know if Your Marketing is a Success

Episode 32: Why Your Brand Isn't Getting People's Attention

Episode 33: Creating a Killer Marketing Plan for Standout Success (Part 1)

Episode 34: Creating a Killer Marketing Plan for Standout Success (Part 2)

Episode 35: Having a Professional Looking Website Does Not Guarantee Success (So what does?)

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And a big thank you to MegsJB6 for their wonderful review:

“Nicci knows her stuff and is really easy to listen to. Super helpful. I’ve already started implementing some ideas into my business”

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