Get Ready North West Queensland communication campaign

Communications Campaign Case Study


The Client

Get Ready North West Queensland was a six-week communications campaign and community engagement created for North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC) in 2021/22.

The Problem

NWQROC wanted to improve the natural disaster preparedness of people living and travelling through North West Queensland. The impacts of natural disasters on North West Queensland communities are very different to those in less remote communities and so local knowledge and voices were integral to its success.

The main objectives of the campaign were to increase downloads and use of the new Get Ready NWQ App, raise awareness of the need to get ready and how to specifically do it for North West Queensland, provide a disaster management platform, and profile the councils’ roles in preparing and responding to disasters.


The Solution

  • Strategic communications plan
  • Brand messaging
  • App copywriting and design 
  • Printed material 
  • Bulk mail-out
  • Media campaign 
  • Email marketing 
  • Facebook set-up, organic campaign and advertising

The Results

We developed a research-backed strategic marketing communication plan for the six-week campaign to maximise expenditure and achieve the best results. This enabled us to create tactics and copy that was on target, measurable, within budget and met deadlines.

Major achievements

  • Increased uptake of the app by 331% in 6 weeks
  • 9,300 app page views and high engagement
  • 12,000 households received a specialised disaster preparedness checklist
  • Increased awareness and provided longer-term solutions of the need to prepare and how to get ready as well as raised the profile of councils through brochures, posters, Facebook, app content, media, and emails.


You can download the app here.

“Because of Nicci’s experience and connection to regional communities and industries, I was able to put in minimal effort and knew the campaign was in good hands. The strategy was straightforward and I knew that I had something developed just for me, and the outcome was that we had more engagement than we could have gotten otherwise."
Aleisha Domrow